September 23, 2007

Update on Kyla’s linguistic development

Posted in Language Development at 3:16 pm by Transmuter

Ok, as someone who purposed to chronicle his daughter’s linguistic development I’m really doing quite poorly. I mean, the whole point was to provide a detailed report on Kyla as she’s learning English. Doing summaries like I have been makes the reports far less detailed, not to mention I have a horrible memory and I’ve no doubt forgotten all sorts of interesting things.

Anyway, Kyla is a very verbal child. Anecdotally, she is far more verbal than other children her age that we know. She will often babble happily while she plays, which I assume is her rendition of “adult speech”. However, she is constantly learning more new words and is now able to form 4 word sentences, usually requests ending in “please”. (I’m so glad we taught her to say please early on!) For example, she might say “Daddy up chair please”, meaning she wants me to pick her up and put her in her high chair. Her vocabulary is now too large to list easily, and she frequently uses and combines words in creative ways.

As a side note, Kyla seems to have entered the “terrible twos” a couple months early. She recently started throwing tantrums when she is unhappy. This usually happens when she doesn’t want to leave somewhere or we take something away from her that she wants to keep holding. It also happens out of the blue when she is tired. It always happens when we try to put her to bed for a nap. She used to be so good at taking naps! Well, at least she’s still very good natured (and adorable) for the most part.