January 22, 2008

My Birthday 2008

Posted in General, Video/Computer Games at 10:14 am by Transmuter

Well, I’m 26 now, but that’s not why I feel old. I feel old because I have 2 kids, one of whom is kind enough to give me sleep deprivation.

My birthday party was fun. The day before, Friday, Chiemi and I went to a hotel while my brother and sister-in-law took care of the kids. It was heavenly to sleep for 10 uninterrupted hours! Now if only I could get that kind of sleep for a week straight I might be able to recover from this chronic sleep loss. Anyway, on Saturday we held a party at my parents’ house. Chiemi made all sorts of Mario Bros. themed decorations, and you can see them on her blog. I played Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii while we waited for the pizza to arrive, and afterward we played Apples to Apples. If you’re looking for a fun party game, give Apples to Apples a try. All in all it was a very enjoyable day.

Oh, I forgot to mention my presents! I mostly got money, with which I plan to purchase a new computer chair, but I also got Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in Latin. I asked for it so I could have a goal to work toward in my Latin studies. Unfortunately I’ve been way too sleep deprived in the last few months to retain anything I study. Good thing I’m not in school anymore!

I also got a couple of PC games: Heroes of Might and Magic V and Battle for Middle Earth 2. I like the HoMM series, and I’d played the demo of 5, so I knew it would be a good game. I’m on the 4th level of the first campaign, and so far the game doesn’t disappoint. The game is a couple years old, so the graphics aren’t the best, but it’s not bad enough to actually detract. The music, as in previous games, is beautiful and epic. I find myself getting annoyed by the music changing when I enter battle or a town because I’ve gotten into listening to a particular piece. If the collector’s edition of this game had been available I would have bought it long ago. Things I like about HoMM5 include the following:

  • Hero development – I like leveling up and picking skills to get.
  • Power progression – It’s satisfying to get access and funds for the more powerful units in the game.
  • Replayablility – Because you can choose different heroes and skills, the same level could be played in two different ways.
  • Low learning curve – HoMM is a pretty simple game to learn, but fun to play.
  • Music – The music in the HoMM games is always amazing and a joy to listen to.

I haven’t played Battle for Middle Earth 2 yet, but my brother has his own copy, so I’m sure I’ll play it eventually.



  1. Chiemi said,

    I’m sooo glad you had a good time at your party. Also I am stunned that you have blogged 2 days in a row. I might die of a heart attack. As for the games I have nothing to comment on since I have never played them, and so far have no interest in doing so.

  2. Chiemi said,

    Okay, I am reading this months later and realize that you never mention the present I gave you. Rude! It was quite possibly the coolest one too.

  3. Transmuter said,

    Oh wow, I totally forgot! You did, indeed, get me the coolest present. For those not in the know, Chiemi made me a quilt with a 1-up mushroom from Super Mario Bros. as the design! Very rad. Thanks again, honey!

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