January 23, 2008

Pally Power!

Posted in Games, Role-Playing Games, Video/Computer Games at 2:54 pm by Transmuter

I gotta say, I love my paladin in World of Wacraft. My main character is a level 70 gnome rogue, and he’s good at what he does (sneaking around and killing things), but there’s no rule that you can only have one character in WoW. My first alt was a dwarf hunter, but I quickly got annoyed with all the upkeep of feeding and training my pets and constantly having to buy ammo for my gun. My second alt was a warrior who happened to be a little gnome girl with pink hair. I had this image in my head of this tiny, cute person going toe-to-toe with gigantic monsters (i.e. tanking dungeon bosses), which I thought would be amusing. However, playing a warrior didn’t excite me, I think because it was so similar to playing my rogue – all melee combat. My third alt was a Blood Elf mage. Playing a mage was fun, but my friends are all Alliance, so I haven’t bothered leveling him much. The next alt I made was a Draenei shaman. Playing a shaman was average for me; the enhancement part was more of the same as my rogue and warrior, the elemental part was like the mage, and the restoration part I didn’t get much chance to use besides self-healing. Then I made my paladin.

I had never been interested in playing a paladin, but then I saw a video of a level 70 paladin soloing the Scarlet Monastery Cathedral. This doesn’t sound that impressive since many classes can solo SM at level 70, but the difference was that the pally gathered up all the mobs in the whole instance and took them all on at once! After seeing that video, I wanted to do the same, so I rolled myself a paladin. Playing a paladin was like a breath of fresh air; everything was completely different from my rogue. Fighting on my rogue was a race against time – I had to kill the enemy before they killed me. The benefit was that either result happened quickly. As a paladin (protection specialization) I’m nearly invulnerable with my plate armor, shield, damage reduction abilities, and healing spells, but it takes forever to kill monsters. The up side is that paladins rock at taking on multiple mobs at once, with several abilities that cause the monsters to take damage when they hit the paladin, so they essentially kill themselves by hitting me. Another benefit is that I can start fighting something and go do something else while I wait for the monster to die, like look something up online or get something to eat. I also found that I love tanking! I really like having tons of monsters beating ineffectually on me. DPS classes like my rogue are a dime a dozen, but tanks are always in demand for groups. It’s often difficult to find a group to run a dungeon with my rogue, but I just need to find a healer for my paladin and the rest tends to fall into place. My rogue is best at killing casters, while my paladin is great against melee mobs. All in all I really enjoy playing a paladin.


This is not what she really looks like; it’s just the default image.


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  1. chiemilarsen said,

    First off…Druids rule! Hahaha… I never thought that you would stick with your pally, but I think it’s becoming your new main!

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