January 27, 2008

Board Games!

Posted in Board Games, Games at 3:18 pm by Transmuter

Today I think I’ll write about board games. I love board games – unfortunately I usually don’t have friends or family interested in playing. Fortunately now that my brother Brett is living in the same apartment complex as I, I will hopefully have more opportunity to play some games, at least some two-player ones.

One board game I actually got to play recently was Settlers of Catan, one of my favorite board games. This is one of the few board games that my wife Chiemi is willing to play. We got together with Brett and his wife Kellie one night and played. We didn’t have enough time to finish the game, but I had the most points by the time we stopped. I’m not going to explain the game in this post, but I might later.

Update: This just in! As I was working on this post, Chiemi mentioned an idea she had about a theme for the family gift exchange for next Christmas – board games! Great minds think alike. That’s going to be exciting. Now back to your not-so-regularly scheduled posting.

Some board games I enjoyed when I was younger include RoboRally, HeroQuest, Dungeon, and Master Labyrinth. Some games I like nowadays include the aforementioned Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, and HeroScape. Board games I am interested in include Attika, the World of Warcraft Board Game, Cathedral, and Dungeon Twister.



  1. chiemilarsen said,

    I’m such a genius!

  2. Kellie Larsen said,

    I’ll play Robo Rally! And Chemi IS a genious! I like the game exchange idea!

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