February 3, 2008

Web Games are teh awesome!

Posted in Games, Video/Computer Games at 6:05 pm by Transmuter

Web-based games are a nice idea – nothing to download or install on your computer and you can play on any internet-connected computer. Sometimes the idea even works out in practice, giving you a Flash or Java game that is really fun. Take, for instance, a game I found a couple weeks ago called StormWinds. In this game you control a fortress on which you build towers that allow you to shoot down the waves of enemies that are trying to destroy said towers. There are a variety of towers with different powers to choose from, and they all gain experience/levels from destroying the enemies, which allows the towers to be upgraded in strength, firing rate, and so on. Like most web games, it’s free to play, though in this case there is bonus content that is unlocked if you make a donation to the developers. Check it out!