June 29, 2008

The Campaign Begins

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I’m excited. My brother Brett got the Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition rulebooks, and we’re going to start playing on Tuesday with a couple of friends! It’s been years since I’ve played D&D; I’m not sure if I ever played a 3rd Edition campaign. I think I did, but not 3.5, even though I bought the books for it. Well, I’ve been wanting to get back into playing, but never had enough people to play with. Now that we have 4 people we should be able to play, although the published adventures are balanced for a 5-person party. We’ll only have 3 characters in our party, but Brett (who will be the DM) can just plan his own adventures that are the appropriate difficulty for our little group.

I’m in the midst of creating my character, a warlord named Alan Highland. In a one-sentence summary, he was constable of a small town that was destroyed by a horde of goblins, and he is searching for help in eliminating the goblin threat once and for all. There’s a lot more to his story than that, but Brett’s going to be starting a blog specifically for our campaign, so I’ll put the full version there. I’ll also link to that blog once it’s up.

In other news, I have achieved two of my WoW goals! First off, I saved enough honor and battleground marks to buy Kinz a Merciless Gladiator’s Right Ripper. Having previously wielded Mag’hari Fury Brand I noticed a huge increase in damage output, which means I kill things faster, which means I take less damage per fight, which means I can grind longer before eating. Interestingly, as I have been PvPing to get the weapon for PvE purposes, I’ve disliked being so easy to kill in the battlegrounds. Coupled with the fact that Laeral, my paladin, is the guild’s main tank, I doubt I’ll have much chance to use Kinz in a PvE context in the near future. Therefore, I have designated Kinz as my PvP character, who I will use when doing battlegrounds with guildies.

On the topic of PvE and PvP, I think it’s interesting how there is very little PvP gear that is useful for protection paladins (mainly the gavel and shields), but a moonkin druid can get an amazing set of gear good for PvE all through PvP! Most classes and specs lie somewhere between the two extremes, but it’s an interesting observation.

The other goal I’ve achieved is collecting 15 Badges of Justice, with which I’ve purchased a Libram of Repentance! This libram is a crucial step towards achieving uncrushability, and I’ve noticed that I block a lot more now that I have it. I’m less that 2% away from being uncrushable now! Only a few more gear upgrades and I should be ready to tank Karazhan! My sister Jennie has been working hard at improving her warlock’s gear, and is now just about ready for Karazhan herself. Good job Jennie! Out two hunters have a ways to go, but we’re planning on helping them get geared up over the next month or so.

On a different note, Noodle Fury! is a silly little flash game. You play a superpowered stick figure out to eat a bunch of ramen. The controls are simple: you can jump (even in midair) and shoot beams of energy with which you shoot the randomly appearing boxes to reveal bowls of tasty noodles. The more noodles you collect before the time runs out, the higher your score. It’s a good way to waste about 5 minutes.


June 8, 2008

The Homestarmy is growing!

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Good news for The Homestarmy, my World of Warcraft guild (in case you’re wondering, the name is a reference from Homestar Runner)! We’ve gradually been introducing our friends and family to WoW, and we’re now up to around 13 active members. It’s been great recently, as having 6 people online at the same time is no longer an extreme rarity, and we have 6 players at level 70, with another 4 over level 60. Now is a heady time of wild speculation and forecasts of being able to run Karazhan in the near future. Now I know that having only 10 level 70 players means that all 10 have to be available every time we want to run the 10-man raid dungeon, but it’s great to dream. Maybe we’ll just pug a missing player or two.

Laeral has pretty much become my main, with Kinz relegated to off-hours work. I’ve been slowly accumulating honor and marks to buy the Merciless Gladiator’s Right Ripper for Kinz (once Season 4 comes out), and helping level guildies, but most of my work has been with my paladin. I’m working on improving my gear to a point where I will be able to main tank Karazhan, and having enough level 70 guildmates to run dungeons is really helping me reach my goal. I recently ran Mana-Tombs and got my Flesh Beast’s Metal Greaves. My short term goals are as follows:

Once I get all that acomplished I should be ready to tank Karazhan! It’s an exciting prospect. More updates when they happen.

Today’s flash game is a little something called Vector Tower Defense. Once upon a time. there was a real-time strategy game called Warcraft 3. This game came with a level editor with which players could create their own maps for the game. One day, someone created a map in which waves of monsters would traverse a winding route toward the player’s base. The twist was that no mobile units could be built for defense, and the player had to rely on static towers to shoot down the invaders. The map became very popular, and some enterprising player decided to create a web-based version of the game using Flash. More Flash versions of the Tower Defense game appeared, including Vector Tower Defense, in which all the graphics drawn with retro-style vectors. Different towers are strong against different types of enemies, as well as having different properties, such as a burst attack or a slowing attack. Check it out!