August 17, 2008

General Updates

Posted in Family, Games, General, Hobby, Role-Playing Games, Video/Computer Games at 7:01 pm by Transmuter

Hello, it’s been a while since I last updated, so I’ll not post about a specific topic today. Instead, I will make an update about everything (that I can think of, anyway) that has been going on in my world recently.

Well, our D&D night got changed from Tuesday to Thursday because my brother got called to be a young men’s leader at church, so he has to be there on Tuesdays. Unfortunately that meant one of our group members is no longer able to meet with us, which stinks. Hopefully we will be able to find another player soon. Last session we had a good time anyway, with Iados ending up dead and Alan unconscious. Fortunately, one scroll of raise dead and a short rest later, we were all up and good to go. With our fighter gone, I (the warlord) have become the de facto tank for the party while the wizard and ranger do the big damage. The main downside is that I have a lot of abilities that are meant for working with other melee classes, so those abilities are no longer useful. I may have to change some of them if we don’t get another player (or if we do and he rolls a warlock).

Kyla and Arwen (my daughters, in case I haven’t written about them recently enough) are growing and still adorable. For daily updates I strongly advise checking out my wife’s blog. She’s a much more consistent blogger than I am. The girls do and say the funniest things sometimes. Unfortunately I can’t think of a single one right now. Isn’t that just how it goes? Terrible.

I’m looking for a new job in the area, but I haven’t had much luck yet. Fortunately I still have my current job while I look so my family isn’t in trouble. I’m just looking for a better paying position so we can get out of debt and afford to live in crazy-expensive California near my family.

In good news, I got into the World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King expansion beta last week! It’s very exciting, since I get to explore the new content before most people do. I get to report bugs and fill out surveys, so I feel like I’m contributing a little back to one of my favorite game companies. Paladins are very different in the beta than in the live servers, but I haven’t had enough time to really tell if I like the new or old way better. I’m letting my sister play my rogue, so I can’t comment on that.

In other Blizzard related news, my wife and I have decided not to go to BlizzCon this year. We went last year and had a ton of fun, but it’s expensive to go, and some of the WoW panels would likely be similar to last year’s, and there will be a lot of Starcraft II and Diablo III panels, and my wife has no interest in any non-WoW Blizzard games. It’s a little sad, but on the other hand we’ve decided that instead of a two-day vacation type deal, we could enroll in hobby classes that will be longer and more useful. Aikido, here I come! Well, as soon as I get a better job, anyway.

I started a diet! I found out about a website called The Daily Plate, which is a calorie (and other nutritional data) tracking site. I’ve been inputting in everything I’ve been eating, and keeping my calories below my set limit, as well as trying to exercise every day. I’m currently 175 lbs., and we’ll see how well I can lose some weight. It’s been about a week, and though I may be imagining things I think my pants are the slightest bit looser! I’ve never been on a real diet before, and it’s harder than I thought. I just thought everyone was being weak and whiny about dieting, but you really do start craving foods you used to eat before. I will try to keep updates here.

That’s all for this week! Let’s see if I can be more consistent with my posting from now on.


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