January 4, 2009


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Well, we went to our new ward for the second time, and it was a much better experience than the first time, when hardly anybody talked to us. I got to meet several people whose names I almost immediately forgot. I’m not good with names. I met the mayor, who is also in our ward, and he’s super friendly. I’ll probably end up working on his office computer at some point.

Get Smart is a hilarious movie. We rented it from Redbox for a date,  but I wasn’t expecting great things. I figured it’d be fairly amusing in places, but nothing to write home about. Well, I was wrong. It was funny from end to end; Chiemi and I were busting up the entire time! I know the movie got mixed reviews, but for whatever reason the movie really got to us. I highly recommend checking it out.

My 3-year-old Kyla is a really sweet girl at heart, even though she can be a pain to deal with sometimes. This evening, I read her a little book before bed, and after finishing I gave her the book to read on her own, as she usually likes to do. Well, tonight she gave me the book back and told me to give it to Arwen, her 14-month-old sister who had been staring longingly at us the whole time from her crib. Arwen had been VERY unhappy to be put to bed without a bottle, but she’s been overflowing her diaper almost every night recently, so no more water before bed. She does NOT like this idea at all. Well, Chiemi and I figured she was finally asleep before we put Kyla to bed, but she woke up as soon as Kyla and I entered the room. I suppose Kyla sensed Arwen was unhappy, so she generously offered her book to her. It was a very kind gesture, and Arwen happily grabbed the book from me and sat down. It kept her quiet for a bit before the screaming began again. Fortunately she fell asleep faster the second time.

Quick shout-out to my aunt Vicki, who bought me X3: Reunion for my birthday. Thanks, Vicki! I’ll be sure to blog about it sometime.

After my first week of work, I have to say I really enjoy it. I’m still learning the ins and outs of the place, but I work with a great team, and it’s all very interesting so far.


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  1. Chiemi said,

    Awww Kyla is just too cute! Don’t worry about forgetting names. I have too. It’s kinda embarrassing.

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