April 7, 2009

Cheese – Dubliner

Posted in Food at 4:18 pm by Transmuter

After the extreme creaminess of Havarti I wanted something a little firmer for my second cheese. Since my sister-in-law is serving a mission in Ireland I decided on Dubliner, which is Irish but not actually from Dublin. Anyway, Dubliner is an aged, firm cheese. While making my sandwich the first day I tasted a chunk of it – it was gross! “Crap,” I thought, “I have a week’s worth of this stuff!” However, I had heard that many cheeses should be served at room temperature for best flavor. Fortunately for my taste buds the sandwich was far tastier at lunchtime than it was when refrigerated. So if you ever buy any Dubliner, let it warm up before eating!

I really liked Dubliner. It has a similar texture to aged cheddar, but perhaps a bit grainier or more astringent. (I hope I am using the right terminology for this.) The flavor was not extremely sharp, but still somewhat strong; it seemed kind of nutty. I would definitely eat this cheese again.

Cheese rating: 9/10

As an interesting note, I assumed this cheese would be fairly exotic and uncommon since it was not one of the really well-known varieties and imported from Ireland. However, the other day I was shopping at Costco and lo and behold, there were a bunch of big bricks of Dubliner! That was certainly unexpected!


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  1. Michael Grow said,

    Yeah, Dubliner is not too exotic as cheeses go. If you rated Dubliner this high, then you might like some of the more foreign Swiss Cheeses. I really do not care for Swiss like you get at Subway, or pre-packed sliced stuff at the supermarket. I like that really hard stuff, authentic Swiss. Maybe you should not buy a whole week’s worth, but if you like Dubliner…

    Dubliner is sort of a cross between Swiss and Sharp Cheddar, I think.

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