May 1, 2009

Cheese – DaVinci

Posted in Food at 1:15 pm by Transmuter

My experience with DaVinci cheese was interesting. It’s basically Dutch Gouda infused with herbs and spices. The name is certainly attractive, and it looks pretty cool.

So I have to say, this cheese smells heavenly! I almost melted when I first unwrapped it and cut a slice. Seriously, it smells really good. I was majorly disappointed when I found that the taste of the cheese is very mild, even bland (at least compared to the smell). I like the texture – firm and smooth, with nice little crispy bits where the herbs are.

If this cheese tasted like it smells, it’d taste something like Roasted Garlic Triscuit, but maybe with the garlic not as strong. As it is, it’s not even as flavorful as the Garden Herb Triscuit. Still, I did enjoy this cheese. I read that it makes a good omelet, but I didn’t have a chance to try making one.

Rating: 7/10.