June 1, 2009

What I’m playing

Posted in Games, Video/Computer Games at 10:42 am by Transmuter

Well, since I haven’t posted in a while I’ll make a quick update on what I’m playing recently.

I haven’t been playing WoW much recently. I’m not sure why, but I’ve been a bit bored of the game. I feel like I should be running at least the Argent Tournament dailies to get the mounts and pets, but I can’t muster up the willpower. I’m almost completely geared out in heroic/BoE equipment (I really only need to upgrade my shoulders), and I’m not in a guild that raids. I like to run dungeons, but I don’t need to run them for myself, so I don’t bother joining PuGs. Fortunately, my sister is out of school and is playing again, so I’ll probably run some dungeons with her to help her gear up.

One of our guildies was recruited by a somewhat larger guild that is raiding, and he’s enjoying it. Another guild member is probably going to switch soon. If he likes the guild atmosphere too my sister and I might join, leaving the Homestarmy for those members not really interested in raiding. I was concerned my wife would be unhappy if I left, but she seems ok with the idea, so that’s good.

Also, my father-in-law has been playing Titan Quest with some of his kids, so I bought it. It’s actually quite a fun game. At home I’m playing a warden, wielding spear and shield, while my work character is a soothsayer who lets his liche king and pair of wolves tear through enemies for him. I like how the game is classless, and your abilities are determined purely through which skill trees you put points into. I haven’t played multiplayer yet, but I’ll try to get a game going soon.

I’ve also been playing Spelunky a lot, since it’s such a fun little game that I can play start to finish (usually a grisly pixellated death) in 10-20 minutes. In that way it’s kind of like N. If you like challenging, reflex-oriented games you should try them out! You fail over and over until it finally clicks and you beat that section (big feeling of accomplishment), then you practice the next part over and over until you beat it too. I like these games because you’re expected to lose a lot, but the sections are short so you don’t lose hours of progress when you die. They give a real measure of how your skills are improving, too;  easily beating earlier stages after progressing past later stages (when those earlier stages were so hard to beat at first) really shows you’ve gotten better at the game. Go try them!