August 25, 2009

Blizzcon 2009

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I’ve been a slacker recently about updating my blog, I know. Anyway, here’s what I’ve been up to.

I have until the beginning of September to play WoW. Once again, in order to save some money, Chiemi and I have canceled our WoW accounts. On the bright side, I’ve managed to level Kinz, my rogue, to level 80! Yay! It’s about time the guild master reaches the level cap. I went through a real lull in my interest in playing a rogue from about level 73-76, but once I got past that block I started enjoying him again. He’s doing some pretty decent damage now (considering the crappy gear he has currently), and he feels like he serves a purpose again.

Ever since patch 3.2 came out I’ve been running heroic dungeons a lot with my paladin. Getting emblems of conquest is great for non-raiders like me, and the new Trial of the Crusader has a lot of great loot – of which I’ve acquired all of the tanking gear except the dang shoulders. I’ve been stuck with my Tempered Saronite Shoulders for forever! I’ve run Gundrak a ton, but never got the tanking shoulders there, and I’ve run ToC a bunch and no shoulders there either! What’s the deal Blizz? 😉

In other news, the upcoming MMO The Old Republic is looking awesome! It’s like Knights of the Old Republic, but multiplayer and much refined. I totally want to be a Jedi, but I’ve been really impressed on how Bioware is making the other classes just as cool as Jedi and Sith. For example, the smuggler is a ranged class that uses a cover system. Moreover, the smuggler is supposed to have a bunch of awesome one-liners, gets to flirt with/romance a bunch of NPCs, and is generally the rocking Han Solo type. Pretty neat! The game is also completely voiced! Crazy! I’m totally going to try this game when it comes out. I felt sure I’d end up switching to this game once I was done with WoW in a couple years, but then I went to…

BLIZZCON! Woo! It was just as awesome as when I went two years ago, only bigger and with more people! This time my sister Jennie bought 5 tickets, one of which she sold on eBay, so we each had a ticket with one to spare. My brother went for the first day, but somehow got bored and left early. Go figure. The biggest news for me was the expected announcement of the next WoW expansion – Cataclysm. The theme for this expansion is that this super-dragon named Deathwing escapes his prison in the elemental plane of earth and bursts out into Azeroth, causing worldwide catastrophe. As a result of this, Blizzard will be revamping all the zones in the original WoW, improving and streamlining the leveling experience, changing the terrain of many zones, and almost doing a reboot of the franchise. If you’re interested, check out the World of Warcraft website, or a news site like

Other interesting things we saw at Blizzcon were the vendors. There was a vendor called, where you can have custom posters, postcards, etc. featuring your character printed! It looked really cool, and I can’t wait until the website goes live in a couple of weeks. Another vendor, FigurePrints, has a similar idea except they make a 3D figurine out of your character. I’d never seen them in person before, and I have to say I was blown away. They look fantastic! The only issue I have is that the colors look a bit whitewashed. They could stand to be more vibrant. It’s still amazing!

nVidia had a booth where they were showing off their 3D technology. When paired with a compatible monitor and a recent nVidia graphics card, their 3D glasses create a pretty impressive experience. I was able to log on to my character and play around for a while. Flying on my netherdrake was really neat, and large mobs actually become rather imposing. The glasses themselves are a far cry from the 3D goggles of yesteryear. It’s still nothing you’d want to wear out of the house, but they’re basically just the size of bulky glasses, and quite light. If I had the cash to spare, I’d seriously consider getting these.

We all got to play the demo of Cataclysm while we were at Blizzcon. It was pretty cool. We got 20 minutes to play the starting zone of either the goblins or the worgen. I played the goblins this time. I really liked the look of the zone – very Gilligan’s Island in my opinion. Chiemi and I also got to play the Diablo III demo while we were waiting for my sister to get her face painted. It plays really nicely. I played the newly announced monk class, and Chiemi played a wizard. She said she liked it, but there was too much gore. I agree; if there’s a reduced/no gore setting in the final game, it’ll probably be a game we buy.

After the Diablo III demo, we met up with my sister again, shortly after which we were approached by a man from WoW Stories who asked us if we had an interesting story relating to WoW. After hearing our vague assertions to the positive he directed us to his booth. On the way there we were given winning tickets by an Intel booth guy because we were wearing the Intel buttons that we had been given the day before. We were excited to actually win something! We continued to the WoW stories booth, where we were recorded on video talking about how Chiemi and I got into WoW as the only game Chiemi was interested in that we could play together as a couple. After that we went to the Intel booth to claim our prizes. My sister and I both got a little Intel-branded bag and Chiemi got a cool little folding chair! (Our girls loved the chair when we brought it home.) Blizzcon was a blast, and I hope to be able to go back a third time!

Oh, one more thing. For lunch on Friday Chiemi and I decided to walk around the convention center neighborhood in search of a place to eat. After walking way too far we got to Mimi’s. We like Mimi’s, so we went there to eat. After much agonizing about what to get I ordered meatloaf and mashed potatoes. I almost felt bad about choosing such a boring dish at a nice restaurant, but I was really craving meatloaf for some reason. Well, I’m glad I chose the meatloaf because it turned out to be one of the best meals of my entire life. From the appetizer bread to the juicy meatloaf and slightly chunky mashed potatoes, the whole meal was phenomenal! I felt like I was in heaven every time I took a bite of that meatloaf, and I’m not one to get enthusiastic about food. To top it off, the service there was fantastic! The glasses were replaced right before we drained them, the waitress seemed almost psychic in her ability to offer exactly what we were wanting before we were even able to ask for them, and everyone was very friendly without being overbearing or annoying. It was great!

I’ve had a good month.


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