About Transmuter

I’m Transmuter. I’m a recent UCLA graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics & Computer Science. I’m married with two little daughters, whose linguistic development I attempt (often unsuccessfully) to chronicle.

I am an avid computer geek, but don’t have the cash for the latest and greatest gear, so I’m always on the lookout for a great bang-for-the-buck value in components. I love games, be they of the role-playing, board, video, or computer variety. My hobbies include chainmail (which I make occasionally), martial arts (which I enjoy but am not currently studying), and learning languages – natural and computer.

Natural languages I’ve studied in any depth include:

Natural languages I’ve toyed with include:

Natural languages I want to learn include:

Programming languages I have some (but not a lot of) proficiency in:

Programming languages I have studied a little:


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