March 24, 2009

Welcome (Back) to the World of Warcraft

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Rumors of WoW’s death have been greatly exaggerated. I can’t believe I forgot to blog about this, but a few weeks ago Chiemi and I reactivated our World of Warcraft accounts with a little of our tax return money. We’re really happy to have it back, especially me. I was content without it, but we both enjoy it for the social aspect as well as for the gameplay aspect. Just in case we get tight on funds again in the near future we set our billing for the 6-month subscription. That way we don’t have to worry about another monthly payment to make, and it’s cheaper per month that way anyway.

So another thing I totally forgot about until recently is my blog at Path of a Hero. It’s a blog for your WoW character. You take a screenshot of your character and add it in when you make a blog entry. The website will then poll the Armory for your character’s equipped gear and list that along with the screenshot. You can see your character’s progression via means of a slider. Check it out and you’ll see what I mean.

In other news, I am continuing my Latin studies and am almost back to the point in the textbook where I was before I started over. I like learning Latin a lot, I just didn’t have the time or energy to do so back while I was in school. It was way too hard to do side studies while having to do lots of official studies at the same time.

Speaking of not going to school anymore, I really love working for the City of St. George. The people are great, the work is interesting, and we live in a beautiful house in a wonderful town. Chiemi’s blog has much more information (and pictures!), but I’ll just say that it’s small enough to be friendly and clean but large enough to have most amenities. And Las Vegas is only about 2 hours away, so Saturday trips aren’t infeasable.

Achievement Unlocked is a fun little game. The whole point of the game is to unlock all of the game’s 100 achievements. Many of the achievements are hilariously easy to accomplish, such as starting the game, dying, or jumping. The last few are a little tricky, but a hint is try pressing different buttons. I played through it times, just because it was entertaining and easy to play.


September 23, 2007

Update on Kyla’s linguistic development

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Ok, as someone who purposed to chronicle his daughter’s linguistic development I’m really doing quite poorly. I mean, the whole point was to provide a detailed report on Kyla as she’s learning English. Doing summaries like I have been makes the reports far less detailed, not to mention I have a horrible memory and I’ve no doubt forgotten all sorts of interesting things.

Anyway, Kyla is a very verbal child. Anecdotally, she is far more verbal than other children her age that we know. She will often babble happily while she plays, which I assume is her rendition of “adult speech”. However, she is constantly learning more new words and is now able to form 4 word sentences, usually requests ending in “please”. (I’m so glad we taught her to say please early on!) For example, she might say “Daddy up chair please”, meaning she wants me to pick her up and put her in her high chair. Her vocabulary is now too large to list easily, and she frequently uses and combines words in creative ways.

As a side note, Kyla seems to have entered the “terrible twos” a couple months early. She recently started throwing tantrums when she is unhappy. This usually happens when she doesn’t want to leave somewhere or we take something away from her that she wants to keep holding. It also happens out of the blue when she is tired. It always happens when we try to put her to bed for a nap. She used to be so good at taking naps! Well, at least she’s still very good natured (and adorable) for the most part.

June 23, 2006

The First 7 Months

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I had been meaning to start this blog several months ago, but never got around to it until school got out for the summer. Now I will try to recap my daughter Kyla's language development during the first seven months of her life.

As a newborn she was only able to cry when unhappy, and was generally silent otherwise. At some point (see why I need to write these things down when they happen?) she began to make cooing noises, primarily vowel sounds. These were not distinct vowels, though. I would just say they were [+sonorant] noises.

Her first consonant was [b], at around 4 months (I think). She coupled this with a low front vowel, which generally ranged around [a] and [æ] (the vowel sound in "at"). So she would say things like [bababæbæbæba].

Her next consonant was [d] at around 5 months, which I enjoyed because she would say [dædæ]. I know that she was just babbling and didn't associate the sounds to me, but it made me feel happy as a new dad to hear her say it. Interestingly, when she learned to produce [d] she stopped producing the [b]. She would also devoice the vowels and add glottal fricatives, saying [dæhdæh] in kind of a loud, breathy, whisper-like manner.

Around the same time she learned to make raspberries. I'd say they were bilabial trills, but she tightened her lips much more than necessary, so instead of a "motorboat" sound it came out as a "fart" noise.

Both the [d] sound and the raspberries stopped when she learned the [m] sound. Now it was her mother's turn to be happy when she said [mama]. Generally she would draw out the [m] of [mamama], as if she was just pronouncinga long [m] and occasionally opening her mouth.

As of now (7 months), Kyla has rediscovered the [d] and raspberries. She also says [m], but I haven't heard her say [b] in quite a while. She has her two lower incisors in, and I expect more to arrive in the coming months.